New release: BURNING MOON



This is it! The end of an era!

It’s been three years since I first started plotting a series about a bisexual werewolf tennis player, and now Lotte’s story reaches its explosive conclusion in BURNING MOON! I hope you’ll enjoy one last ride with our badass wolf!

* * *

Stalling tactics were old news in any kind of battle, and the ones wagered on the tennis court were no different. Of course, when one was losing as blatantly and hopelessly as Ostwald Kleinfield, calling for a break under the pretenses of getting a nasty leg cramp was just crass.

Especially when the game in question was the godsdamned final of the Munich Games and the werewolf’s opponent was none other than Richard Ackmann, the uncontested winner of the last four supernatural grand slams.

It was a sad sight—one made even more pathetic as two medics with bags in their hands hurried onto the court and made a beeline for Kleinfield’s shaded bench. I snorted. Yes, a tennis match most definitely came with the peril of cramps, which were lethal to werewolves.

BURNING MOON is the page-turning finale to the suspenseful urban fantasy series where supernatural forces clash in a cloak-and-dagger war!



New release: PHANTOM MOON



My mind strained to separate illusion from reality.

Wildfire curved around me and danced beneath what little of the false night sky I could see beyond the smoke. I cast a look over my shoulder. The woods gave way to pastures, unrecognizable figures shuffling in the distance. False, false, false.

The thunderous echo of footsteps crashing against my right ear, too.

I flexed my fingers by my sides and ignored the dizziness that had ratcheted up again as I pushed my focus to its limits. Even the feel of hard ground—not soil—beneath my feet did little to steady me. Shit. The entire damn situation was almost like experiencing some sort of odd double vision—if you could even call it that when it was only the scents that didn’t align with the imagery or sound and painted a different landscape.

Though I probably should have been grateful I at least had that tiny bit of advantage given the sheer strength of the Leshy who kept evading me with infuriating ease.

PHANTOM MOON is the fourth book in the suspenseful urban fantasy series set in the Kolovrat Universe where myth meets reality!



New release: NOVA



My body was comprised of a million aches.

I observed the holo projected from my vambraces marking the movements of the numerous red dots scurrying about like ants and attempted to figure out a pattern. The interstellar merchant ship I’d snuck onto for the trip through the wormhole was large, filled to the brim with cargo they were hurrying to unload—excellent cover for a stowaway, but also crammed as fuck. It didn’t help that it was taking them ages to move the merch.

A cramp clutched my leg from crouching in the exact same spot for the past two hours.

I breathed past the pain, then slunk through the shadows closer to the exits. Voices swirled in the distance, and I shut the holo down, not wanting to attract any attention with its faint light. When the five men working this sector moved deeper into the hull, I knew I wouldn’t get a better opportunity than this.

I ran.

Taran’s heavy air hit my lungs as I crossed into the open. Damn, I’d almost forgotten what it was like. But as much as it strained my breaths, I also couldn’t deny that it tasted just a bit like freedom.

NOVA is the action-packed, epic conclusion to the SCAR Force: Delta Faction serial



New release: EQUINOX

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Everett and I might have looked like any of the other couples enjoying a night out in Zar, but I was willing to bet most of them weren’t walking around with life-threatening knowledge tucked away in their minds. Or had a dinner involving a member of the resistance on their evening schedule.

“You’re shaking,” Everett commented under his breath and briefly squeezed my hand tighter.

I let out a half-hearted laugh. “Can you blame me?”

For someone who had had a whole shitload of horrible facts dumped onto him, Everett was holding up better than I’d expected. I admired the facade he put up in front of the crew and his superiors, but even more so, I loved how he was when it was just the two of us. I’d never told anyone about the mass murder I’d been an unwilling participant in. Even back when I’d fallen in with the rebels before finding my place with Carrow and Donovan, I had only said I’d found out about SCAR Force’s incognito killing spree on Mes. Not participated, however unwillingly, in it. Having Everett’s support and understanding meant more than I could ever convey.

Just before we reached that final turn that would take us to the square with its bubbling neon blue fountain, Everett swept me sideways and pinned my back against the building’s wall.

EQUINOX is the fifth episode in the page-turning, action-packed sci-fi serial!

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New release: VORTEX

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* * *

A warning blared, and I barely banked right in time to save the ship from slamming into the sneaky, but not that easy to miss obstacle.

“Shit, Cairo,” I muttered under my breath, “get a fucking grip.”

Everett, wisely, remained silent, though I felt the weight of his gaze on my skin. As fast as I could, I piloted the vessel we’d borrowed from base out of the training course. So much for testing out different ships. I hardly even remembered the maneuvers, let alone the vessel’s responses.

We didn’t speak as we landed, not until we were far enough away from any officers working on the platform to have privacy. Everett’s honey-blond hair shone gold under the bright daylight. He touched his fingers to the small of my back.

“Cairo, is everything all right?”


He cocked an eyebrow. “Really? I thought taking you for a joyride might give you some of your old spark back, but I see nothing’s changed. You’ve been like this for over two weeks now.”

“What? I can’t have a bad day?” I snapped and stomped off like an immature ass.

VORTEX is the fourth episode in the explosive, slow-burn romance sci-fi serial you won’t want to put down!

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New release: PARALLAX

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* * *

The dull thud as we docked on the space station orbiting Taran reverberated through my entire body.

I kept my gaze on Salvatore as he flicked several switches on the control panel. While the ship was mostly voice-operated, as I’d learned during the three hours of flight, Captain Everett Salvatore was a man who liked to get his hands dirty. Unfortunately, I meant that in a good way. If I forgot about his arrogant asshole side, I could almost imagine him restoring old-timer ships in his free time and taking them on a Sunday spin.

As it was, the jackass aspect was far too present for me to regard him as anything but what he was.

A pain in my fucking ass.

The overhead lights flickered, then shifted to a dimmer radiance. We’d reached our destination.

I sat in my designated spot by the communication unit—still powered down—and watched the rest of the crew go about their business. Less than half of the standard nine-member team were up here, the rest downstairs—including the quiet science officer who’d patched me up—but they were a large enough sample for me to pick out the finer traits of their SCAR Force training. The way they moved, the sequences in which they did isolated checks of the ship’s equipment as was instructed in the SCAR Force manual.

Glorified lapdogs, that’s what the lot of them were.

PARALLAX is the second episode in the fast-paced sci-fi serial with a slow-burn romance, stellar piloting, and excursions into space!

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New release: TRINARY

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* * *


My head slammed against the curved edge of the nevon shelf protruding over the cot I’d collapsed in what felt like only a measly couple of hours earlier.


Pain lanced through me like a motherfucker, but it was nothing compared to the vicious hammering of my heart as that damned electronic voice continued the countdown. The tone and volume were different from what I was used to aboard the Devious, but if the asshole were messing with the commands, I wasn’t at all surprised about the discrepancy. Who knew what he’d rewired and tweaked.

“Carrow!” I shouted and propelled myself down the brightly lit silvery-white hallway towards the bridge.


“What the fuck are you doing, man?” I sprinted around the final corner, my bare feet tapping against the ship’s almost too-cold nevon ground. “Carrow!”

A grunt was the only answer I received. I swore and ran through the translucent sliding doors that opened automatically as I approached.

* * *

TRINARY is the first episode in the SCAR Force: Delta Faction sci-fi serial with a slow-burn romance, daring pilots, and space ships galore.

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New release: EMERGENCE

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Evenfall delivered Ember right to the portal to Svitanye, and now it’s time to venture into a new land.

* * *

Violet fire reigned above. Streaks of pink and dark blue tinted the wispy clouds strewn across the majestic sapphire and purple gradient of the sky; a multitude of hues that set the world alight, yet spoke of soothing darkness on the cusp of its departure.
I stood immobile, my fingers wrapped around Ada’s blade and the hollow ache in my chest a constant presence—yet even it seemed to have quieted, as if taken by the beauty. I pressed my bloodied hand to my heart, the other clutching the dagger even tighter.
Svitanye. The land of dawn.
In the distance, the hazy arch of the sun spread its rays across the horizon and brushed the delicate contours of trees and wild fields.
This was what true morning looked like.
It didn’t matter how late the hour was, that it had been evening when we had left Somraque behind. Gazing at this vibrant canvas…
I felt something in me awaken.

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New Release: Transient Moon

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Machines beeped away in their gleeful rhythm as I ran on the treadmill, wishing with every step that the screech marking the end of the test would sound through the sweat- and disinfectant-filled space. 

It wasn’t that I minded the additional exercise. Far from it. The burn in my muscles was always a gratifying sensation. 

But after doing the same damn thing for nearly three months, it was getting kind of tiresome.

“Five more minutes, Lotte,” Agnieszka said from behind her station.

I let out an obligatory groan, but the petite brunette didn’t react. She kept staring intently at the monitors, a travel mug filled with blood that prickled my nose in one hand, a pen with Interspecies Crimes and Relations Agency spelled out on the side in the other. She marked something down on her trusty pad, although for the life of me, I couldn’t imagine just what it could have been aside from SAME.

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New release: Shadow World

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There are no cars in the Shadow World. No gentle hum of traffic to lull a person to sleep. 

The wake-up calls, on the other hand, apparently didn’t discriminate between the mortal and the demonic realm. Lucky me.

My eyes snapped open at the unmistakable dull thunk of a knife embedding itself in my bedpost. I glanced at the silver gleam of the dagger a mere two inches from my head. 

A damn fine way to rouse a person and keep them from snoozing all at once.

“Do you plan on throwing yourself off the sill, darling?” I drawled into the inky night the sickly yellow light of the lampposts barely touched. “Or will you get your ass inside already? It’s fucking drafty.”

Shadow World is live at long last! I’m so excited to introduce you to Crina; she was one of the most fun characters ever to work with. Even if circumstances were running her patience thin 😉

Grab your copy from Amazon to join Crina and explore the Shadow World with its (sometimes insufferably hot) denizens.