New release: SHADOW HEART


Chilly autumn air bit into my fingers as I huddled in the shadow-doused alley, scrolling through the numerous pockets of the dark web.

Maybe not the best way to spend my time given who Lena was meeting. The Interspecies Crimes and Relations Agency would throw my ass in a warded cell if they knew what I was up to. But thanks to Simon’s literal magic fingers, my activities were basically untraceable. Tapping in a quick command, I opened a different branch of correspondences, then sorted them from latest to oldest. All the shady dealings there for the taking.

Yeah, having a genius warlock on the retainer definitely gave a person a leg up in life—and a hole in their bank account. Though the latter was mostly my fault since I refused to let Simon undersell himself just because we were friends.

Not very demonic of me, true, but seeing as I wasn’t entirely a demon…

I huffed, my breath condensing in the frigid alley. Damn, September had laid it on thick with the end-of-summer stint. Something my rapidly draining cell phone battery confirmed. Lovely.

SHADOW HEART is the third novel in the suspenseful urban fantasy series with kickass assassins, sinfully hot demons, eye-candy vampires, and a steamy polyamorous romance you won’t want to miss!


New release: PHANTOM MOON



My mind strained to separate illusion from reality.

Wildfire curved around me and danced beneath what little of the false night sky I could see beyond the smoke. I cast a look over my shoulder. The woods gave way to pastures, unrecognizable figures shuffling in the distance. False, false, false.

The thunderous echo of footsteps crashing against my right ear, too.

I flexed my fingers by my sides and ignored the dizziness that had ratcheted up again as I pushed my focus to its limits. Even the feel of hard ground—not soil—beneath my feet did little to steady me. Shit. The entire damn situation was almost like experiencing some sort of odd double vision—if you could even call it that when it was only the scents that didn’t align with the imagery or sound and painted a different landscape.

Though I probably should have been grateful I at least had that tiny bit of advantage given the sheer strength of the Leshy who kept evading me with infuriating ease.

PHANTOM MOON is the fourth book in the suspenseful urban fantasy series set in the Kolovrat Universe where myth meets reality!



New release: NOVA



My body was comprised of a million aches.

I observed the holo projected from my vambraces marking the movements of the numerous red dots scurrying about like ants and attempted to figure out a pattern. The interstellar merchant ship I’d snuck onto for the trip through the wormhole was large, filled to the brim with cargo they were hurrying to unload—excellent cover for a stowaway, but also crammed as fuck. It didn’t help that it was taking them ages to move the merch.

A cramp clutched my leg from crouching in the exact same spot for the past two hours.

I breathed past the pain, then slunk through the shadows closer to the exits. Voices swirled in the distance, and I shut the holo down, not wanting to attract any attention with its faint light. When the five men working this sector moved deeper into the hull, I knew I wouldn’t get a better opportunity than this.

I ran.

Taran’s heavy air hit my lungs as I crossed into the open. Damn, I’d almost forgotten what it was like. But as much as it strained my breaths, I also couldn’t deny that it tasted just a bit like freedom.

NOVA is the action-packed, epic conclusion to the SCAR Force: Delta Faction serial



New release: EQUINOX

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Everett and I might have looked like any of the other couples enjoying a night out in Zar, but I was willing to bet most of them weren’t walking around with life-threatening knowledge tucked away in their minds. Or had a dinner involving a member of the resistance on their evening schedule.

“You’re shaking,” Everett commented under his breath and briefly squeezed my hand tighter.

I let out a half-hearted laugh. “Can you blame me?”

For someone who had had a whole shitload of horrible facts dumped onto him, Everett was holding up better than I’d expected. I admired the facade he put up in front of the crew and his superiors, but even more so, I loved how he was when it was just the two of us. I’d never told anyone about the mass murder I’d been an unwilling participant in. Even back when I’d fallen in with the rebels before finding my place with Carrow and Donovan, I had only said I’d found out about SCAR Force’s incognito killing spree on Mes. Not participated, however unwillingly, in it. Having Everett’s support and understanding meant more than I could ever convey.

Just before we reached that final turn that would take us to the square with its bubbling neon blue fountain, Everett swept me sideways and pinned my back against the building’s wall.

EQUINOX is the fifth episode in the page-turning, action-packed sci-fi serial!

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9789619436868This is not a tale of redemption.
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It is the rise of Lakrius.
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The king of fortune lost.

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Working as a blacksmith for noblemen willing to kill to protect their secrets, Avvyr knows his days are numbered. Unless he walks a path more dangerous than death itself.

As he unearths the truth behind their power—something far grimmer than he ever could have imagined—Avvyr realizes there is a way to put an end to the nobles’ brutal reign.

But while his intentions are pure, his actions thin the divide between life and darkness, threatening to entrap him in the very cage he wanted the world to escape.​

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