A love letter to Berlin, the process, the series…and a whole lot of gratitude!

I’m back from Berlin and Long Gone Witch is out in the world, so I wanted to take the time to share some of the things I’ve experienced, not just during this trip, but the entire ICRA Files: Berlin process.

I legit got the Long Gone Witch manuscript back HOURS before Boris and I left for our trip. Which meant I had to go through the proofreads, format the ebook, and upload everything on Amazon within the three hours (three hours that shared space with taking care of the dogs and getting myself ready to leave, too). Wild, wild shit, I tell you.

I swear, it feels as if the entire ICRA Files: Berlin series had some sort of delay curse on it!

When I was gearing up to publish Rock This Wolf back in January, there was a moment when I was terrified my whole release plan would crumble because my then editor delayed for over two months past the deadline before returning the manuscript. But somehow, I managed to actually squeeze in proofreads, ARCs, and all the other numerous tiny steps that are necessary before a book is ready to see the light of day, even though I’m still not entirely sure how it was possible to get everything done with so little time to spare.

Down With Vamps had a somewhat better track record, but because of all the earlier delays (it wasn’t just RTW that had suffered that fate, but Shadow Reign as well), I had to work like a damn DB train to reach all the stations on time.

And then came Long Gone Witch. The ONE book I actually believed would have a super smooth release. I had everything ready waaaay in advance. Plus, I was so thrilled when I realized Boris and I would be in Germany at the time, because it felt so fitting to really celebrate the end of the series there, just relax and take it easy…

Honestly, I still have no idea what happened with my proofreads that were supposed to come to me a whole lot sooner than the day of our departure, but I figure that, maybe, I was meant to wrap up the whole Gina journey with one last “oh, shit” party 😉

Because one thing’s for certain: not only have I practiced a hell of a lot of patience and refused to let stress get to me, but flying to Germany after that morning, knowing I, in some way, did get everything done on time…

It made spending time in Hamburg and Berlin all the more special.

I got to visit the exact spots where scenes in my books take place (which is something I’ve never done post publication). Got to celebrate the release in motherfucking Berlin! Yaaaaas! I even went live on Instagram for the first time ever (which you can check out here) for some Berlin + LGW talk 🙂

Overall, for all the chaos the past two years, especially the last year and a half, have brought in regards to ICRA Files: Berlin, the ending was absolutely MAGICAL!

I’m grateful for all the experiences. So, so fucking grateful for this trip. And I’m grateful for Berlin’s absolutely chill vibe that truly was the cherry on the top of this whole journey.

Want to read my heart’s baby?

ICRA: Files Berlin is now complete, and you can get all three books by clicking this link or on the graphic below!

New release: BURNING MOON



This is it! The end of an era!

It’s been three years since I first started plotting a series about a bisexual werewolf tennis player, and now Lotte’s story reaches its explosive conclusion in BURNING MOON! I hope you’ll enjoy one last ride with our badass wolf!

* * *

Stalling tactics were old news in any kind of battle, and the ones wagered on the tennis court were no different. Of course, when one was losing as blatantly and hopelessly as Ostwald Kleinfield, calling for a break under the pretenses of getting a nasty leg cramp was just crass.

Especially when the game in question was the godsdamned final of the Munich Games and the werewolf’s opponent was none other than Richard Ackmann, the uncontested winner of the last four supernatural grand slams.

It was a sad sight—one made even more pathetic as two medics with bags in their hands hurried onto the court and made a beeline for Kleinfield’s shaded bench. I snorted. Yes, a tennis match most definitely came with the peril of cramps, which were lethal to werewolves.

BURNING MOON is the page-turning finale to the suspenseful urban fantasy series where supernatural forces clash in a cloak-and-dagger war!




What doesn’t kill you leaves a demon fighting by your side

Boran has always hated demons with a passion. Now, he just might have to save one of the fucker’s lives. 

Because in a world of unstable magic, a human can to do little to fight the supernatural forces. Especially when those damn forces are bent on controlling the ley lines and wreck havoc upon Boran’s town.

* * *

Destiny Reclamed is one of the stories set at the very beginning of the “Future” portion of the Kolovrat Universe, filled with action, demons, and magic!

I wrote this novella for an urban fantasy anthology a while ago, and it’s been sitting on my computer for an embarrassingly long time, waiting for me to send it out into the world again. I’m happy to say that elusive time finally came!

You can now read Destiny Reclaimed for free (no newsletter sign-up or anything like that required) by downloading it from one of the following links:

BookFunnel / Prolific Works / StoryOrigin

New release: SHADOW HEART


Chilly autumn air bit into my fingers as I huddled in the shadow-doused alley, scrolling through the numerous pockets of the dark web.

Maybe not the best way to spend my time given who Lena was meeting. The Interspecies Crimes and Relations Agency would throw my ass in a warded cell if they knew what I was up to. But thanks to Simon’s literal magic fingers, my activities were basically untraceable. Tapping in a quick command, I opened a different branch of correspondences, then sorted them from latest to oldest. All the shady dealings there for the taking.

Yeah, having a genius warlock on the retainer definitely gave a person a leg up in life—and a hole in their bank account. Though the latter was mostly my fault since I refused to let Simon undersell himself just because we were friends.

Not very demonic of me, true, but seeing as I wasn’t entirely a demon…

I huffed, my breath condensing in the frigid alley. Damn, September had laid it on thick with the end-of-summer stint. Something my rapidly draining cell phone battery confirmed. Lovely.

SHADOW HEART is the third novel in the suspenseful urban fantasy series with kickass assassins, sinfully hot demons, eye-candy vampires, and a steamy polyamorous romance you won’t want to miss!


New release: PHANTOM MOON



My mind strained to separate illusion from reality.

Wildfire curved around me and danced beneath what little of the false night sky I could see beyond the smoke. I cast a look over my shoulder. The woods gave way to pastures, unrecognizable figures shuffling in the distance. False, false, false.

The thunderous echo of footsteps crashing against my right ear, too.

I flexed my fingers by my sides and ignored the dizziness that had ratcheted up again as I pushed my focus to its limits. Even the feel of hard ground—not soil—beneath my feet did little to steady me. Shit. The entire damn situation was almost like experiencing some sort of odd double vision—if you could even call it that when it was only the scents that didn’t align with the imagery or sound and painted a different landscape.

Though I probably should have been grateful I at least had that tiny bit of advantage given the sheer strength of the Leshy who kept evading me with infuriating ease.

PHANTOM MOON is the fourth book in the suspenseful urban fantasy series set in the Kolovrat Universe where myth meets reality!



New release: NOVA



My body was comprised of a million aches.

I observed the holo projected from my vambraces marking the movements of the numerous red dots scurrying about like ants and attempted to figure out a pattern. The interstellar merchant ship I’d snuck onto for the trip through the wormhole was large, filled to the brim with cargo they were hurrying to unload—excellent cover for a stowaway, but also crammed as fuck. It didn’t help that it was taking them ages to move the merch.

A cramp clutched my leg from crouching in the exact same spot for the past two hours.

I breathed past the pain, then slunk through the shadows closer to the exits. Voices swirled in the distance, and I shut the holo down, not wanting to attract any attention with its faint light. When the five men working this sector moved deeper into the hull, I knew I wouldn’t get a better opportunity than this.

I ran.

Taran’s heavy air hit my lungs as I crossed into the open. Damn, I’d almost forgotten what it was like. But as much as it strained my breaths, I also couldn’t deny that it tasted just a bit like freedom.

NOVA is the action-packed, epic conclusion to the SCAR Force: Delta Faction serial



New release: EQUINOX

Amazon US / Amazon INTL



Everett and I might have looked like any of the other couples enjoying a night out in Zar, but I was willing to bet most of them weren’t walking around with life-threatening knowledge tucked away in their minds. Or had a dinner involving a member of the resistance on their evening schedule.

“You’re shaking,” Everett commented under his breath and briefly squeezed my hand tighter.

I let out a half-hearted laugh. “Can you blame me?”

For someone who had had a whole shitload of horrible facts dumped onto him, Everett was holding up better than I’d expected. I admired the facade he put up in front of the crew and his superiors, but even more so, I loved how he was when it was just the two of us. I’d never told anyone about the mass murder I’d been an unwilling participant in. Even back when I’d fallen in with the rebels before finding my place with Carrow and Donovan, I had only said I’d found out about SCAR Force’s incognito killing spree on Mes. Not participated, however unwillingly, in it. Having Everett’s support and understanding meant more than I could ever convey.

Just before we reached that final turn that would take us to the square with its bubbling neon blue fountain, Everett swept me sideways and pinned my back against the building’s wall.

EQUINOX is the fifth episode in the page-turning, action-packed sci-fi serial!

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New release: VORTEX

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* * *

A warning blared, and I barely banked right in time to save the ship from slamming into the sneaky, but not that easy to miss obstacle.

“Shit, Cairo,” I muttered under my breath, “get a fucking grip.”

Everett, wisely, remained silent, though I felt the weight of his gaze on my skin. As fast as I could, I piloted the vessel we’d borrowed from base out of the training course. So much for testing out different ships. I hardly even remembered the maneuvers, let alone the vessel’s responses.

We didn’t speak as we landed, not until we were far enough away from any officers working on the platform to have privacy. Everett’s honey-blond hair shone gold under the bright daylight. He touched his fingers to the small of my back.

“Cairo, is everything all right?”


He cocked an eyebrow. “Really? I thought taking you for a joyride might give you some of your old spark back, but I see nothing’s changed. You’ve been like this for over two weeks now.”

“What? I can’t have a bad day?” I snapped and stomped off like an immature ass.

VORTEX is the fourth episode in the explosive, slow-burn romance sci-fi serial you won’t want to put down!

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New release: APHELION

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* * *

Whether sneaking around the slumbering base did me any good when I had the nanotech in my body was a question I’d rather not ponder over, but the fact remained that old habits died hard. Getting from place to place unnoticed had kind of become second nature over the years.

Though I’d learned my way around the largest of the four stations orbiting Taran fairly quickly, I was still grateful for the detailed instructions leading me to the meet point. A different one every time.

As I rounded the corner, looking over my shoulder for anyone bursting out of the long line of identical rooms, I nearly slammed into the body submerged in shadows. A firm grip caught me, followed by a barely concealed chuckle.

“Now what would you have done if it had been anyone but me?”

I scowled up at what little I could see of Salvatore’s face. “Probably tell them I was looking for my captain who wasn’t in his quarters.”

“Touché.” He let me go but didn’t step away. “You need anything? Coffee?”

“Coffee sounds good.” With the few hours of sleep I’d gotten, yet again thanks to our side venture, a little extra kick never hurt.

PARALLAX is the third episode in the action-packed sci-fi serial with a slow-burn romance, new worlds to explore, and a crew you’ll want to be a part of!

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