New release: VORTEX

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* * *

A warning blared, and I barely banked right in time to save the ship from slamming into the sneaky, but not that easy to miss obstacle.

“Shit, Cairo,” I muttered under my breath, “get a fucking grip.”

Everett, wisely, remained silent, though I felt the weight of his gaze on my skin. As fast as I could, I piloted the vessel we’d borrowed from base out of the training course. So much for testing out different ships. I hardly even remembered the maneuvers, let alone the vessel’s responses.

We didn’t speak as we landed, not until we were far enough away from any officers working on the platform to have privacy. Everett’s honey-blond hair shone gold under the bright daylight. He touched his fingers to the small of my back.

“Cairo, is everything all right?”


He cocked an eyebrow. “Really? I thought taking you for a joyride might give you some of your old spark back, but I see nothing’s changed. You’ve been like this for over two weeks now.”

“What? I can’t have a bad day?” I snapped and stomped off like an immature ass.

VORTEX is the fourth episode in the explosive, slow-burn romance sci-fi serial you won’t want to put down!

Amazon US / Amazon INTL


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