New release: NOVA



My body was comprised of a million aches.

I observed the holo projected from my vambraces marking the movements of the numerous red dots scurrying about like ants and attempted to figure out a pattern. The interstellar merchant ship I’d snuck onto for the trip through the wormhole was large, filled to the brim with cargo they were hurrying to unload—excellent cover for a stowaway, but also crammed as fuck. It didn’t help that it was taking them ages to move the merch.

A cramp clutched my leg from crouching in the exact same spot for the past two hours.

I breathed past the pain, then slunk through the shadows closer to the exits. Voices swirled in the distance, and I shut the holo down, not wanting to attract any attention with its faint light. When the five men working this sector moved deeper into the hull, I knew I wouldn’t get a better opportunity than this.

I ran.

Taran’s heavy air hit my lungs as I crossed into the open. Damn, I’d almost forgotten what it was like. But as much as it strained my breaths, I also couldn’t deny that it tasted just a bit like freedom.

NOVA is the action-packed, epic conclusion to the SCAR Force: Delta Faction serial



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