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Everett and I might have looked like any of the other couples enjoying a night out in Zar, but I was willing to bet most of them weren’t walking around with life-threatening knowledge tucked away in their minds. Or had a dinner involving a member of the resistance on their evening schedule.

“You’re shaking,” Everett commented under his breath and briefly squeezed my hand tighter.

I let out a half-hearted laugh. “Can you blame me?”

For someone who had had a whole shitload of horrible facts dumped onto him, Everett was holding up better than I’d expected. I admired the facade he put up in front of the crew and his superiors, but even more so, I loved how he was when it was just the two of us. I’d never told anyone about the mass murder I’d been an unwilling participant in. Even back when I’d fallen in with the rebels before finding my place with Carrow and Donovan, I had only said I’d found out about SCAR Force’s incognito killing spree on Mes. Not participated, however unwillingly, in it. Having Everett’s support and understanding meant more than I could ever convey.

Just before we reached that final turn that would take us to the square with its bubbling neon blue fountain, Everett swept me sideways and pinned my back against the building’s wall.

EQUINOX is the fifth episode in the page-turning, action-packed sci-fi serial!

Amazon US / Amazon INTL


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