New release: TRINARY

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* * *


My head slammed against the curved edge of the nevon shelf protruding over the cot I’d collapsed in what felt like only a measly couple of hours earlier.


Pain lanced through me like a motherfucker, but it was nothing compared to the vicious hammering of my heart as that damned electronic voice continued the countdown. The tone and volume were different from what I was used to aboard the Devious, but if the asshole were messing with the commands, I wasn’t at all surprised about the discrepancy. Who knew what he’d rewired and tweaked.

“Carrow!” I shouted and propelled myself down the brightly lit silvery-white hallway towards the bridge.


“What the fuck are you doing, man?” I sprinted around the final corner, my bare feet tapping against the ship’s almost too-cold nevon ground. “Carrow!”

A grunt was the only answer I received. I swore and ran through the translucent sliding doors that opened automatically as I approached.

* * *

TRINARY is the first episode in the SCAR Force: Delta Faction sci-fi serial with a slow-burn romance, daring pilots, and space ships galore.

Amazon US / Amazon International


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