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* * *

The dull thud as we docked on the space station orbiting Taran reverberated through my entire body.

I kept my gaze on Salvatore as he flicked several switches on the control panel. While the ship was mostly voice-operated, as I’d learned during the three hours of flight, Captain Everett Salvatore was a man who liked to get his hands dirty. Unfortunately, I meant that in a good way. If I forgot about his arrogant asshole side, I could almost imagine him restoring old-timer ships in his free time and taking them on a Sunday spin.

As it was, the jackass aspect was far too present for me to regard him as anything but what he was.

A pain in my fucking ass.

The overhead lights flickered, then shifted to a dimmer radiance. We’d reached our destination.

I sat in my designated spot by the communication unit—still powered down—and watched the rest of the crew go about their business. Less than half of the standard nine-member team were up here, the rest downstairs—including the quiet science officer who’d patched me up—but they were a large enough sample for me to pick out the finer traits of their SCAR Force training. The way they moved, the sequences in which they did isolated checks of the ship’s equipment as was instructed in the SCAR Force manual.

Glorified lapdogs, that’s what the lot of them were.

PARALLAX is the second episode in the fast-paced sci-fi serial with a slow-burn romance, stellar piloting, and excursions into space!

Amazon US / Amazon INTL


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