A walk down memory lane with a bit of steam

Over the past few days, I’ve been spending some time with one of my older books. Succ.

This lovely will forever have my immense gratitude because it was THE book that pulled me out of the nasty burnout I was experiencing back in late 2018. The idea for the noir detective, kinky paranormal romance set in a Parisian nightclub lit me up so much that I couldn’t help but dive into the supernatural underground and love every moment of Mathys’s and Perine’s spicy story.

Have you read Succ already?

I’ll drop a little excerpt & graphic below so that you can either walk down memory lane with me – or get a taste for what Succ has to offer 🙂

* * * MATHYS * * *
Whether Perine knew I was a novice at the kinky sex scene or not, she hadn’t pressed me into anything else after I came in that perfect mouth of hers. She merely offered a drink on the house and left me there to deal with the aftermath of letting loose like I did. She had, however, issued an invitation that could have passed for formality, but carried something that hinted at more in its core. 

Not just a permanent pass to the private rooms that, surprisingly, came with no additional charge to my monthly membership, but a chance to meet up with her again when I next returned.

I’d be lying if I said a part of me didn’t itch to go straight back there tonight. After the best blowjob of my life, I was eager to see what else Succ—and Perine—had to offer. At the same time, however, I wondered if I wasn’t high on the rush, living on a plane separate from reality because that club… 

That club was a dream.

No room for condemnation. For prejudice. And the people who frequented it… From what I’d gleaned when I lingered for that free drink and then some—with the perfectly good excuse that I was doing it for the job—none of them were the stuck-up types I’d come across far too often. Hell, even my former girlfriends had all blanched when I mentioned something as simple as watching porn together before we fucked.

Maybe luck just hadn’t been on my side until now.

Or maybe my own closeted feelings towards sex had attracted the wrong crowd.



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