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Whether sneaking around the slumbering base did me any good when I had the nanotech in my body was a question I’d rather not ponder over, but the fact remained that old habits died hard. Getting from place to place unnoticed had kind of become second nature over the years.

Though I’d learned my way around the largest of the four stations orbiting Taran fairly quickly, I was still grateful for the detailed instructions leading me to the meet point. A different one every time.

As I rounded the corner, looking over my shoulder for anyone bursting out of the long line of identical rooms, I nearly slammed into the body submerged in shadows. A firm grip caught me, followed by a barely concealed chuckle.

“Now what would you have done if it had been anyone but me?”

I scowled up at what little I could see of Salvatore’s face. “Probably tell them I was looking for my captain who wasn’t in his quarters.”

“Touché.” He let me go but didn’t step away. “You need anything? Coffee?”

“Coffee sounds good.” With the few hours of sleep I’d gotten, yet again thanks to our side venture, a little extra kick never hurt.

PARALLAX is the third episode in the action-packed sci-fi serial with a slow-burn romance, new worlds to explore, and a crew you’ll want to be a part of!

Amazon US / Amazon INTL


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